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2013 New Year Calendars for all! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all my friends and fans. I appreciate all the wonderful "likes" and comments I've received from you this past year. I decided to do something different with my photo calendars this year and instead of printing them, I have uploaded the finals and you can pick, choose, and print your own. Since everyone seems to have a different idea of what they'd like to see on their calendar, I put together 7 different photos for each month of the year and all you have to do is download your favorite for each month, a "roll your own" approach. Getting it printed is up to you. You can have it done in whatever size you want, or color copied, Costco print, your own inkjet, or make them backgrounds on your computer. /Public-Galleries/2013-Calendars/ If anyone would prefer to get printed ones from me, they come on pearl finish photographic paper, printed in high quality at 13x19 inches, full edge bleed. They look awesome, and when a month is past, you can cut the calendar off and frame the photo print. You'll have 12 beautiful, original prints to hang onto and spice up some blank walls in your home or office. Email me for at tommy@tf-photography.com if you're interested.

2013 New Year Calendars For All! Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year To All My Friends And Fans. I Appreciate All The Wonderful "likes" And Comments I've Received From You This Past Year. I Decided To Do Something Different With My Photo Calendars This Year And Instead Of Printing Them, I Have Uploaded The Finals And You Can Pick, Choose, And Print Your Own. Since Everyone Seems To Have A Different Idea Of What They'd Like To See On Their Calendar, I Put Together 7 Different Photos For Each Month Of The Year And All You Have To Do Is Download Your Favorite For Each Month, A "roll Your Own" Approach. Getting It Printed Is Up To You. You Can Have It Done In Whatever Size You Want, Or Color Copied, Costco Print, Your Own Inkjet, Or Make Them Backgrounds On Your Computer. Public-galleries/2013-calendars/ If Anyone Would Prefer To Get Printed Ones From Me, They Come On Pearl Finish Photographic Paper, Printed In High Quality At 13x19 Inches, Full Edge Bleed. They Look Awesome, And When A Month Is Past, You Can Cut The Calendar Off And Frame The Photo Print. You'll Have 12 Beautiful, Original Prints To Hang Onto And Spice Up Some Blank Walls In Your Home Or Office. Email Me For At Tommy@tf-photography.com If You're Interested.

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